Good forest carbon project design recognizes and expands upon the value of forests beyond carbon. Clean watersheds, continued access to non-timber forest products for local communities, maintenance of wildlife habitat are all essential results in best practice land use management. The Climate, Community and Biodiversity Alliance Standard (CCBA) is widely recognized as the most comprehensive third party verifiable standard for developers of high quality land use projects to demonstrate that their projects are honoring these values. The CCBA standard also ensures that project stakeholders are sought out as active participants and beneficiaries, and that projects do not operate without the free, prior and informed consent of those affected by project activities.

Era has carried out more successful CCBA validations than any other project developer in the world, and has experience working directly with communities, governments, landowners and NGOs on CCBA development in Africa and throughout the Americas. As such, we provide a full suite of project development and advisory services related to CCBA, including gap analysis, theory of change modeling, biodiversity and community monitoring, strategic planning for FPIC and community outreach, PDD drafting, validation and verification.